New in September

Aug 21 - September 30, 2020

New in September

Here are some new works on display in September!


We have several artists showing for the first time at the gallery. Meet artists Sandy Haynes, Susan Geigher, Denice Peters, and Kathy Menzie. Sandy Haynes is an oil painter specializing in smaller works. She likes to create "a painting a day" to stay sharp and build an impressive library of painted subjects. Susan Geigher returned to fine art after a career in graphic design. Susan found her passion in paint and has continued to create whimsical pieces featuring still lifes, animals, and landscapes. Denice Peters calls her style "Blended Reality" for its careful fusion of realism and a painterly style. She has three pastel pieces at the gallery including the work above, titled "Share the Road." Kathy Menzie is a fine art quilter who is already exhibiting in solo shows across the country. Kathy's work features detailed scenery made out of a number of fabrics, carefully stitched into her one-of-a-kind fine art quilts.


We're also featuring new work by artists Diane Lawrence, Hi Stockwell, Peggy Lyon, Cristine Sundquist and Vaughn Graber.

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