2020 Artists: Up-close

2020 Artists: Up-close


Take a closer look at our 2020 artists in


Our newest exhibit is called "One-derful New Year," a show featuring some of the best work by each of our artists in 2020. All participating artists had to choose just one piece to represent them for the show, and we think they chose well.  While works of art are usually signed, what makes each piece unique is the artist's individual 'signature,' or the decisions they make with color, material, and their overall process. These decisions are what define an artist as an individual. We wanted to take some time to discuss several of our artists and highlight the decisions that make their work unique. 


One of Kansas' most famous living artists, Stan Herd's recent body of work is quite distinctive. His paintings often utilize optical blending, an illusion where adjacent colors appear to blend together to create new colors without direct mixing. Seurat's pointillism is an extreme example of the technique. In Stan Herd's work, he uses it to achieve visual movement, where colors shift depending on where the viewer is standing. Combined with an impasto technique, his paintings have a unique rhythm and texture. Now you can enjoy his paintings while thinking about all of the color science involved!


New at the gallery, artist Steve Griggs is creating a fascinating body of spontaneous watercolors.

Each piece starts off simply: colors are added one at a time to create basic shapes. Then, details are added and suddenly the painting is complete!



It's easy to see what makes Ruth Powers' work unique. She is a master of fine art quilting, using textiles as both her canvas and her paint. Most of her designs are inspired by nature, her daily walks help her create beautiful "visions in fabric and thread." 
While painters may use around a dozen colors, Ruth's 'palette' requires a diverse array of fabrics for each setting. The colors and patterns are always cleverly combined with her stitching, emphasizing the different textures such as wood, grass, fur, feathers, and more!
Since taking up the art of quilting in 1989, Ruth has gained national recognition for her award winning quilt design and workmanship. Her works hang in private collections from coast to coast.


Wichita artist Hugh Greer works in liquid acrylic to create his highly detailed cityscapes and landscapes. While the extraordinary details are probably the first thing you'll notice about his work, color is also very important to Greer. His sunny pieces always begin with warm color washes which create the golden tones. Color washes are important for realistic lighting, and carefully choosing undertones is how Greer creates believable atmospheres in his work. As for the detail in each piece, the artist worked for more than 40 years in the architecture field in Wichita and his paintings also benefit from his steady hands. 

Greer's attention to detail, lighting, and his mastery of liquid acrylics have caught collector's eyes for more than 20 years, and at age 80, Hugh Greer is one of Kansas' most famous living artists.


"What is “Fine Art” photography? While there seems to be no single, formal definition for the term, when I use it, I mean that my work was not created for a commercial client and that it is intended to stand on its own, much as a painting would, as a piece of art." Fine art photographer David Zlotky is a master of lighting, value, and composition. His works are more than simple snapshots of the scenery. While each place is real, the dreamlike quality of the final photograph is a result of the artist's eye and his years of experience. Many people think photography is simply traveling and having the right equipment, but it's easy to see there's so much more to David Zlotky's creations.


Artist Cristine Sundquist is an oil painter from Independence, KS. Her work is usually a colorful portrait of the prairie, created with a gorgeous "plein air" finish. We love how faithful her colors are to the natural seasons of the state! Cris has taken workshops with Kim Casebeer, Phil Starke, and Marla Bagetta among other award winning artists, and is herself an artist to watch in 2020.


Artist Diane Lawrence of Berryton, KS, is a master of silk painting. This unique medium is as difficult as it is beautiful, and the artist uses several methods to create images from dye. Her focus as an artist has always been color, and the radiance of dye on silk is certainly where she finds inspiration. 

Diane's silks have won First Place in the Silk Painters International Exhibition at Arrowmont College, third Place in Watercolor U.S.A. National Exhibition at Springfield Art Museum, an Honorable Mention in the “National Fiber Directions” Exhibition and cash awards in the MOAK Four State Regional Exhibition at Springfield Art Museum. 

Her work is as unique as it gets, and you probably won't find a more experienced silk painter in the Midwest!


From Liberal, Kansas, Mary Binford Miller received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from Kansas State University. She spent nearly 20 years as a fashion illustrator and graphic designer. 

Mary's recent work in oils is notable for her masterful use of rim lighting. In her work, Mary uses rim lighting to highlight a sunlit subject, often a person, making the artwork feel as warm and real as a summer's day.

The way an artist uses and thinks about light is often the difference between a mediocre piece and artwork that feels alive.

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