Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


Happy earth day!

Thanks to the rain, today we wanted to feature some artwork of waterscapes great and small.

Water is a hugely important resource, and the health of our rivers and streams affects us all.

We hope you'll do your part to stay appreciative and respectful to both other people and the environment this April.

Larry DeGraff: "Country Oasis"

What a refreshing painting! Artist Larry DeGraff was surely in the middle of this peaceful stream to capture the gentle water flowing over the rocks. The cool blues in this piece make it feel nice and shady, while just a hint of afternoon sun hits the rocks.

Lee Copen: "View from Downriver"

Seen from above, the Kansas river looks grand and powerful in this watercolor by Lee Copen. The artist painted with a very warm palette, capturing the water with yellows and lilac. Our favorite part of the piece is the small bridge in the distance, connecting to the road that winds around and out of the painting.

Nancy Whitaker: "A River in Autumn"

Living near Wichita, Kansas, artist Nancy Whitaker captures the southern part of Kansas in the fall. This winding stream stands out among the yellow fall foliage, and the lazy clouds overhead indicate a mild breeze.

Barbara Waterman-Peters: "Kansas River at Sunset, Summer Evening"

Another view of the Kansas river, this time during a hazy twilight. There's very gentle colors throughout this piece, including shades of blue and purple in both the water and the sky.

David Zlotky: "Shunga Creek, Crestview Park"

The gallery's only photographer, David Zlotky captures Topeka's Shunga Creek amidst the dense trees and foliage. The creek is so still that the reflection is mirror-like, and the greens give this Kansas scene an almost jungle-like quality.

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