Close-Up: Artist Jean Terry

Close-Up: Artist Jean Terry


Artist jean terry

In 1995 Jean took up painting and studying art full time with emphasis in pastel landscapes and portraiture. Since 1993 she has lived in Taiwan, Egypt, Thailand, China and Guam. Jean has studied with artist Phil Stark and continues to study with Charles Stegner. Terry's pastel paintings are incredibly realistic, often masterpieces of miniature. Pastel doesn't lend itself well to the fine details in her work, but Terry's experience allows her to tackle complex subjects on a scale few pastelists would ever consider working.

“Being raised and working long hours on a vegetable and grain farm in upstate New York has given me a lasting appreciation for outdoor labor and rural settings – frequent subjects of my paintings.”

– Jean Terry

Above: "Redbud Blooming" | "Rolled Gold" | "Beyond the Barn" 

Along with detail, Jean uses bright colors to enhance otherwise simple scenery. Her preferred subject matter includes bales of hay, a stone wall, freshly mowed fields, roads cutting through rolling hills, a life-giving stream, the endless sky, or the constantly changing pattern of clouds.Jean is inspired by man's small imprint on God's vast and colorful creation, and admires the tension when man and nature are in opposition and the tranquility when they are in harmony. We love her work for its amazing detail and joyful colors!

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