Artist Hugh Greer

Artist Hugh Greer


Artist hugh greer

Featured left: "Well House"

Wichita based artist Hugh Greer creates rich, detailed paintings using a special media called liquid acrylics.

This unique paint can be spread and blended like watercolors, but is thick enough to layer lighter colors over dark.

Hugh has used these special paints to capture Kansas in his work time and time again.

Hugh Greer "Study for Morning's Edge"

Greer has a talent for color. He usually begins with a warm or cold underpainting, which sets the tone and atmosphere for the piece. The sunlit effect in this painting is a great example of atmospheric lighting. Cool shadows and warm sunlight are contrasted against a beautiful purple early morning sky.

The golden hills in the back stand out, but they don't feel out of place as the colors in the shadows have been coordinated to balance naturally.

This beautiful painting is a study for a larger piece which also balances light and dark.

Hugh Greer "Rows and Roses"

Steady hands are an important aspect of Greer's work. The incredible realism in Hugh's paintings is due to his decades of work as an architectural delineator. 

While color is important for his work to feel realistic, details like distant trees, fences, and carefully painted rows create the near photographic realism in Hugh's work.

This piece, called "Rows and Roses," captures a very realistic sense of distance as tiny details in the foreground are dwarfed by the sky.

More about Hugh:

Hugh Greer graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in industrial design. He worked over forty years in the architectural field. Hugh's work in painting is based on his formal training as an architectural delineator, but he is always open to new avenues to accomplish a consistent end result.

He is the author of two books. "Hugh Greer Missouri to New Mexico," published in 1997, is a sampling of Hugh's art with verse by Cathy Bolon Stephenson and Acrylic Landscape Painting Techniques, published in 2001, is a "how to" book for artists interested in improving their skills.

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