New Work by Cally Krallman

New Work by Cally Krallman


I have traveled to many places throughout the world but I am still drawn to the simplistic beauty of Kansas. Many people think of Kansas as just a flat agricultural state, but in fact it is full of wonderful hills, tree lined rivers and creeks, and other unique land formations.

– Artist Cally Krallman

Simple features and endless skies are the heart of a Kansas landscape. While some may consider the prairie to be plain or featureless, artist Cally Krallman fell in love with the quiet beauty of Kansas and has spent years capturing hidden gems from across the state.

Cally considers her work to be part of the regionalist tradition. Her goal is to capture the scenery and overall tone of an area, recording its place in time. Capturing the essence of Kansas is the focus of her work, and she's explored many of the state's natural regions. Her paintings feature everything from lakes and streams to wetlands in the west and of course the scenic Flint Hills region.

Each of Cally's painting begins by finding Kansas's unique and beautiful places. Much of the charm of Cally's paintings is the variety that results from hidden areas she's able to find. Add in the changing seasons, and it's hard to imagine calling Kansas plain when such breathtaking scenery abounds in each painting.

Left: "Breaking Light" by Cally Krallman

Cally was raised in western Kansas, but attended Washburn University and eventually settled in Topeka after earning her BFA in 1981. Cally considers herself a modern regionalist painter, and she believes painting and regional art have played a key role in recording American history by capturing the spirit of an era. Through her work, Cally tries to share the importance of these traditions. Cally finds inspiration almost solely in the outdoors. By traveling and painting throughout the year, Cally has created an amazing collection of Kansas paintings that reflect the ever changing tone of the landscape. While much of her work captures prairie sunsets and rivers, the accuracy of her colors and lighting are what her give her paintings life. Each season adds a new dimension to the places she visits. Even familiar places are re-dressed with the ever changing skies, making the possibilities just as endless!

"Yonder Light" by Cally Krallman

"Twilight's Last Gleaming" by Cally Krallman

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