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Left: Custom framing shadow box with four objects.

Shadow boxes have a depth of 2-4 in. to accommodate the height of the item. Each box is lined with matting, suede mats are usually recommended for the design.

Left: Glass options for custom framing. 

All of our glass options protect artwork from UV damage. Conservation Clear is rated at 99% UV protection. Museum glass (on the right) also protects from UV light while remaining crystal clear and eliminating unwanted reflections.

1. Do you do custom picture framing?

Yes, we are Southwind Art Gallery and Framewoods Custom Framing, one convenient business for all your art and framing needs. We have been framing artwork and other memorabilia since the early 90s, and our custom framer has more than a decade of experience. We can do custom arrangements for multiple objects including deep shadowboxes for displaying jerseys and other large items. If you have any questions on what we can frame, please give us a call.

2. How long does it take to get something framed? 

Usually, most pieces can be completed within a week to ten days. We order all materials on Tuesdays, and our framer begins working on new projects once materials have arrived in the following days.

3. How much does it cost to do custom framing?

Custom framing is expensive. This is true of our business as well as all of our competitors, but our shop has guaranteed fine art and museum-quality framing. At Southwind, we only use archival materials including 99% UV protected glass and acid-free mats. Our projects are guaranteed for 50 years, so the price reflects this quality. When pricing materials, each moulding (frame) is made in a unique batch, and once a frame is out of stock it most likely won't be made again. Everything is priced by material and size, so the price varies greatly depending on the design. You will need to come in person to get an accurate quote based on a finished design.

4. Do you stretch canvas photos/prints? 

Yes, we have stretcher bars we can order in custom sizes. If you need a quote, we'll need to know the finished dimensions for each canvas.

5. Can you cut our mat/glass to [size]?

Yes, for a small labor fee (usually $35) we can cut and trim picture glass. We also have a computerized mat cutter capable of cutting circular and other shaped mats as well as rectangular matting.

6. Do you have someone who can clean or repair dirty, damaged, or torn paintings and/or framing?

Yes, we have an excellent art restoration specialist who can repair and restore damaged framing and artwork. Rarely is something too far gone to be repaired, so if you have artwork or framing in need of a miracle, please bring it in. Usually it can be repaired for an hourly labor fee of $30.