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Artist Interview: Michael Duane
We asked our October featured artist Michael Duane why he paints in pastels and what inspires his unique series of stormy Kansas skies.
Contemporary Impressionism
The 9th Annual Missouri Valley Impressionist Society (MVIS) juried showcase is hosted at Southwind Art Gallery in Topeka. More than two dozen artists participated in the show, and 50 new works decorate the walls. The juror for this year is Kansas plein air painter Kim Casebeer. Awards have yet to be announced for this exhibit, so for now here are some unofficial "honorable mentions."
Topeka Artist's Paintings Selected for Blumenschein Museum in Taos
Four large paintings by Topeka artist Connie English were selected for display in the Blumenschein Museum in Taos, New Mexico. The historical museum is named after one of the founders of the Artists Society of Taos, Ernest Blumenschein, and it remains an iconic part of the Taos arts community.
Top City Showcase
Showcasing Topeka! This July we're featuring the best of Topeka with artwork by 20 of the city's top artists. From scenes of the city itself to whatever inspires our artists, they brought us a great variety for July! Featured left: "Light's of Celebration" by C.T. (Fred) Hsia
New Work by Cally Krallman
Artist Cally Krallman is a regionalist artist based in Topeka. Her unique work captures the subtle beauty of Kansas in a colorful yet realistic style. Cally is one of our favorite prairie painters, and we're excited to showcase three new pieces for June and July!
Artist Hugh Greer
Wichita based artist Hugh Greer creates rich, detailed paintings using a special media called liquid acrylics. This unique paint can be spread and blended like watercolors, but is thick enough to layer lighter colors over dark. Hugh has used these special paints to capture Kansas in his work time and time again.
Close-Up: Artist Jean Terry
“Being raised and working long hours on a vegetable and grain farm in upstate New York has given me a lasting appreciation for outdoor labor and rural settings – frequent subjects of my paintings.” – Jean Terry Jean grew up on a farm in upstate New York, and her country upbringing continues to inspire her artwork. Although Jean had a desire to create art from an early age, she had two other careers before applying herself to art. Jean earned her BS at Syracuse University and MS at the University of Illinois in Urbana. She taught Home Economics for two years in Tennessee before she and her husband moved to Lenexa, Kansas.
Happy Earth Day!
🌎Happy Earth Day! Our artists have a great appreciation for their outdoor environments and most also have a history of living and working closely with the land. The gallery's current exhibit, "Beauty of Kansas," highlights many of the state's wonderful features that continue to inspire artists and wanderers alike.
Featured Artist Jessie Rasche
"Paintings are my way of describing the connection we have with the land and animals around us. I hope my paintings resonate with viewers and inspire joyous connection, as I believe this is what makes life and art so meaningful." - Jessie Rasche Jessie Rasche is an impressionist painter based in South Dakota. Her unique paintings focus on light and color, highlighting the simple scenery of the Midwest.
Featured Piece: Enjoying a Fall Evening with the Neighbors
"This is the scene from my studio window. The day I came into the studio and found cows within view was a very happy day! I immediately grabbed my supplies and painted them, and later painted them many times from closer up." Title: "Enjoying a Fall Evening with the Neighbors" Artist: Jessie Rasche Impressionist painter Jessie Rasche is our featured artist for March! She has many gorgeous paintings which feature life in the Midwest, and she'll be in tomorrow at our ArtWalk from 5-7 to speak about her work. We'll have all the work from her show online soon!
2020 Artists: Up-close
Take a closer look at our 2020 artists in A "ONE-DERFUL NEW YEAR" Our newest exhibit is called "One-derful New Year," a show featuring some of the best work by each of our artists in 2020. All participating artists had to choose just one piece to represent them for the show, and we think they chose well. While works of art are usually signed, what makes each piece unique is the artist's individual 'signature,' or the decisions they make with color, material, and their overall process. These decisions are what define an artist as an individual. We wanted to take some time to discuss several of our artists and highlight the decisions that make their work unique.
It's All in the Little Things
What creates value in an artwork? Is it the artist's name, simply prestige attached to a work of art? Or is it a combination of talent, technique, time, and subject matter that creates value in a piece? Large works often get the lion's share of attention in shows, but we asked our artists to share their thoughts on the magic of small works in the following interview.
Eight Reasons Artists Paint the Prairie
September's show is "Sons and Daughters of the Prairie" We've interviewed several Kansas artists from the show and asked them what about the prairie inspires their work. Artists Susan Rose, Johne Richardson, Cathie Thompson, Kristine Luber, Michael Duane, Carol Williams, and Doug Frye all weigh in on what makes the Kansas landscape a timeless subject for their artwork.

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